Serving Nassau and Suffolk County on Long Island, NY
Holiday Tree Service is a small business located in Bay Shore, NY. We specialize in tree removal, pruning and all related services. We offer professional prompt service at competitive pricing to both residential and commercial customers.

Tree Service:

  • Tree Removal
    • Conventional felling or top-down piece-by-piece removal when necessary
    • Single tree removal to complete wooded lot clearing
    • No tree size limitations
    • Service typically includes tree felling, complete chipping and hauling of all branches, sectioning and hauling of trunk, stump grinding and complete site cleanup
  • Emergency Tree Service
    • Expedited professional removal and clean-up of downed trees and limbs due to severe weather
  • Pruning
    • Professional pruning to produce strong, healthy and attractive trees
    • Crown thinning, crown elevation
    • Selective removal of dead, unhealthy or otherwise problematic limbs
  • Stump Grinding
    • Conventional stump grinding to a depth of 4-6 inches below the soil surface
    • Excavation and complete stump removal is also available when necessary
  • Hedge and Shrub Removal
    • Complete hedge-row or shrub removal
    • Stump and root ball removal as well if desired
  • Chipper Service
    • On-site chipping and hauling of customer's stacked branches and brush

Contact Us

Please call us at 631-767-5980 to discuss your specific needs and to schedule an onsite evaluation and cost estimate.